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Friday, September 24

Disney's portfolio what they look for

I just found this in the net. Going to just post here in case i forget them and to remind myself as well

The Basic Portfolio Contents

* Several pages of current life drawing from live subjects.
* Sketchbooks ... with gesture-style drawings of people and animals in motion.
* Head drawings—both quick and long poses.
* Some samples reflecting color and design sense.
* Some figurative drawings reflecting knowledge of lighting.
* Some work based on imagination.
* A few samples that display cartooning skills. No parodies of famous cartoons.
* No more than 2 or 3 samples of comic-strip, comic-book, or fantasy illustration.
* NO graphic, advertising, industrial, textile, or 3D design; photography; or jewlery.

The above is © Disney Enterprises, Inc. 1998

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